Welcome to the Home of Lost In Translation Bot

Lost In Translation Bot, litbot for short, is a Twitch bot that translates chat messages to the broadcasters choice of lanaguge.

Litbot's origins came from modding a channel that was being hit by trolls posting in foreign languages. However, as the trolls have moved on, Litbot have been found to be a useful accessibility feature.

Litbot currently operates only in English (for now), but can translate to any supported lanaguge found here (link to something). If you are interested in helping to translate litbot commands to other language please contact us using the Contact page (link to something)

How does it work?

Litbot connects to the channel chatroom ...

By default, Litbot ignores messages from the broadcasters, mods, and vips, however you can add a user back to always be translated (see mod commands)

Behind the scenes Litbot uses Google Translate API

Right now, Litbot is free, however with more users the cost may go up. If you feel so inclined, you can donate (link to something)

Mod Commands

!litbot mode

Gets the mode litbot is currently in on the channel and replies in chat.

!litbot mode translate

Sets the mode to translate. In translate mode, any chat not in the approved languages will be translated and posted in chat.

!litbot mode moderate

Sets the mode to moderate. In moderate mode, any chat not in the approved language will be deleted if litbot is set as a moderator.

!litbot mode off

Sets the mode to off. In off mode, all chat will be ignored.

!litbot lang add XX

Adds the language to the list of approved languages. The XX is the ISO-639-1 code. A list of supported languages can be found here

!litbot lang remove XX

Removes the language from the list of approved languages.

!litbot user add XXXXX

Adds the user to a list of approved users. Approved users chat is ignored by the bot

!litbot user remove XXXXX

Removes the user from the list of approved users.

!litbot user translate-on XXXXX

Adds the user to the list to always be translated. This overrides all other rules to not translate

!litbot user translate-off XXXXX

Removes the user from the list to always be translated.

Chat Commands

!litbot lang

Posts in chat the list of languages the streamer supports

!litbot hello

Posts in chat some information about the bot

Follow the Steps Below to Add LitBot to Your Channel

  • Authorize LitBot. Authorizing LitBot allows it to ...
  • Add lostintranslationbot as a mod to your channel ...
  • Set your language with !lang (see mod commands)

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Approved Users

These are users that you want Litbot to ignore

Approved Words

These are words that can be ignored when determining if the message should be translated. e.g. Hiiii

Translate Users

These are users you want Litbot to always translate regardless of mod or sub status